Why Use an Independent Insurance Agency Rather Than an Insurance Company?

Independent Insurance Agency
Customized Insurance Coverage

If you’re looking to get the best insurance for your home, auto, business, life and property, you want to be able to compare the best policy options, coverage and insurance quotes to protect against financial loss. This is possible to do with an independent insurance agency broker with access to a network of many major insurance carriers versus trying to get the best deal through one insurance company, which often has specific product lines.

An independent insurance broker, unlike an insurance company agent, has access to multiple insurance markets. This in-depth knowledge of the complexities of these markets and expertise in insurance law provide you the best advantage in creating comprehensive protection tailored to your specific need. In addition, this also lends the opportunity to find the best possible price for your investment.


  1. Ken S. says:

    Had been with previous home insurance company for 33 years. Recovering after a claim was very difficult, sometimes taking up to 2 years. Chad reviewed our existing policy with us in great detail. We found some obvious holes. The outbuildings had not been covered correctly and we had some risk exposure with a small agricultural business. We learned that a farm policy was better coverage for us than a home policy. I had tried many companies on my own. Most companies focus on home insurance policies. The rural property is harder to cover. Chad set us up with coverage that suits our specific needs and situation. Yes it costs a little more. But I would rather have coverage that works and a claim recovery process that is a little quicker and easier to handle. Thanks for the great service and support Chad.

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