Business Insurance

Business owner in contemplation

Choosing the right commercial insurance for your business requires time and effort that many business owners cannot spare. Experienced ACV Insurance, Inc insurance specialists customize insurance options to precisely fit your business needs while sourcing the best rates from a network of carriers.

For financial protection and peace of mind, ACV Insurance, Inc. offers a variety of commercial coverage options that include:

General liability insurance is essential, whether you are a small business owner, contractor, landlord or service professional. ACV Insurance, Inc. designs your insurance packages according to your business requirements and helps you identify key factors to reduce risk.

Professional liability insurance is important for manufacturers and service oriented businesses to protect assets against claims concerning “errors and omissions” that have possibly caused injury, loss or damage to another party.

Workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory in most states to cover costs for employee work related injuries. Standard policies pay lost wages and medical expenses and protect your business against lawsuits from work related accidents.

Standard commercial auto insurance covers bodily injury and property damage liability as well as personal injury, medical costs and lost wages in the event of a vehicular accident. Discuss the options that are right for your business with an experienced ACV Insurance, Inc. specialist.

Commercial property insurance covers your business and personal property against the risk of damage from fire, natural disaster, vandalism and theft. ACV Insurance, Inc. offers tailored policies with expanded coverage that often reimburse on a replacement cost basis in the event of loss.

Commercial umbrella insurance adds an extra layer of commercial liability protection for your business. If your business has numerable assets, consider the extra coverage that goes beyond general liability insurance to ensure extended protection in the event of major claim or lawsuit.

No one ever wants to have to be in a situation where they require insurance but you never know what will happen when. To gamble that you will not need insurance is never a bet you should take.

Every business requires some form of insurance protection. Contact a ACV Insurance, Inc. expert today to learn more.